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Crux and Core

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Crux and core. They are interesting words that, according to Merriam-Webster, are synonyms of each other. When I think of crux, I think of something essential to an issue yet almost as a separate entity. Core, on the other had, I think of similarly, but is a part of something larger. Now, I know that’s […]


A Lesson in Perseverance

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Gymnastics Certificate

She had drunk very little all day, so we weren’t surprised when Emily said that her throat hurt a little later in the afternoon. After all, it was probably dry. We told her to drink more and began getting her ready to go. Emily had decided to participate in a mini-meet for gymnastics. While she […]


One Door Closes, Another Opens

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In a few days, one door in my career will close while another one opens. I bring closure to 15 years of work in Residence Life. On November 11, I begin a new part of my career as the Associate Director in the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at Syracuse University. I am very […]