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Picture of Eric M. NestorMy name is Eric Nestor and I have over 17 years of professional experience in higher education and student affairs. Currently, I serve as the Associate Director for the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at Syracuse University. In this role, I manage a student conduct caseload and have primary responsibility for departmental assessment, serve as a liaison to Syracuse University Abroad and Residence Life, and work with the Maxient conduct system. Additionally, I work specifically with our University Appeals Board and our Title IX conduct board process.

Previously, I worked in the Office of Residence Life at Syracuse University overseeing the South Campus area, located a mile from main campus, which provides apartment-style living to our students. Prior to that, I managed the areas of assessment, operations, technology, and summer programs for the Office of Residence Life.

It is not often that we get to work in a profession that can provide such a unique combination of growth, challenge, and satisfaction from a personal perspective as well as an observational level. Seeing students struggle, develop, and learn how to succeed is one of the most satisfying aspects of my work. One of the other aspects of my work from which I garner the most enjoyment is in mentoring new professionals and helping our students learn more about how their decisions affect their future.

Why blog? Honestly, I feel that I have gained a lot from this field and from those I consider my mentors. I want to give back to my profession and, while I can do so individually with the staff with whom at work at my institution, I want to build connections with others throughout higher education. When I was thinking about putting this blog together, I debated internally as to whether to incorporate both personal and professional posts into a single blog. There are certainly pros and cons to keeping one blog or having separate blogs. In the end, I chose to develop one that incorporates both aspects of my life. It is my hope that doing so makes me more real and congruent with my life, for my profession affects my home life and my home life affects my professional life. They are integrated.

With that in mind, I need to share that I live in the Syracuse, New York area with my amazing wife, three beautiful daughters, and energetic yellow lab. I am an avid sports fan, rooting hard for the Miami Dolphins, Florida Gators football, and Syracuse Football and Basketball.

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter, or in other ways by clicking the “Connect with Me!” buttons on my site. I invite you to learn more about my by reading my blog and viewing my presentations. I welcome your comments throughout my blog and hope that we can begin a dialogue together.


It is my intention that this blog be a focal point for me to share my thoughts on anything related to student affairs as well as some personal topics. The posts I share represent my thoughts only and do not represent the thoughts, views, opinions, or intentions of my employer.

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