The Unexpected Path to Student Affairs

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It is a fitting title for this post…”The Unexpected Path to Student Affairs.” I did not say unusual as my path was not unusual. In fact, it was rather typical. However, as I interview candidates in Orlando, FL, at The Placement Exchange (#TPE13) listening to their stories, I find myself occasionally thinking about what led […]


Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle – When to Reflect?

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We want students gain as many experiences as possible while they are at college. This matches college students’ thoughts as well. As a result, how often to our students go from one event or meeting to another only to have administrators encourage them to go to more?  Sometimes our encouragement is direct, as in talking […]

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#NASPAtech 2012

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Two weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the second #NASPAtech conference in Indianapolis, IN.  Having attended the inaugural conference in Rhode Island last year and been inspired by the innovative ideas and energy of my student affairs colleagues throughout the country, I was looking forward to see what was in store for version […]