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A Prayer for Newtown, Connecticut

Image of burning candle

Image of burning candle - Newtown, CT

The senseless murder of innocent children and educators this week in Newtown, CT, leaves me, like many, at as complete loss for words. Soon after I learned of it, I sent my thoughts and prayers over Twitter. However, now I sit at home feeling the need post something after reading everything on Facebook. I need to say something more than “my thoughts and prayers are with you.” In all honesty, that simply isn’t enough.

This blog is a mix of student affairs topics and personal thoughts. It is times like this when we need to let our guard down and be real in the moment. I need to be real, for there is nothing else that I can do.  I acknowledge that being real may turn some people off. However, I believe that this is what is needed at this time.

So, with that said, let me offer a prayer for the families and community of Newtown.

Dear God,

We come to you for comfort in this time of need. Today’s killings in the Sandy Hook Elementary School are simply incomprehensible. Educators and children were needlessly taken from this world. Naturally, we seek to understand the question of “why?” We ask with heartfelt, sorrowful tears. Yet, we can not ask that unanswerable question with the same emotional demand of the parents now mourning the loss of their children. Theirs is a sorrow like no other.

Those of us impacted hug our children tighter and turn to sharing our thoughts and emotions. But those whom we hug tighter tonight for comfort are no longer a source of comfort for those parents. Whom do they hug tonight? Where do they turn?

We know that the answer to “why” will never be answered. But the parents and community of Newtown, CT, need comforting. Tonight, parents should have seen their children after school and learned about their favorite part of their day. Instead, over 20 families now have only pictures and memories. They should have been building memories of their children not reminiscing the old ones realizing they will ever make more.

Nothing can or will ever make this right. God, let the memories, the photos, the videos, and the shared laughter they had begin the healing process for the families. Let the community come together, to grieve as a family bonded together by unthinkable actions. Let parents share stories of their children playing with each other in the hope that they learn more about them and their friends. Let the community not forget the lives of the adults that were lost today while serving our children.

Tonight, God, the stars in the sky shine brighter as your young children have joined you high above much too soon. It is those lost today who will give the families the strength to go on. But they cannot do it alone – the pain left behind will be too great. Please let the families feel your presence and bring them comfort in their hour of need.

In your name we pray,



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