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The Scare

A few nights ago, I had my first real scare of not knowing where my one daughter was. Deep down, I knew she was safe, somewhere. But, I didn’t know where. My wife and I came upstairs at bedtime and were tucking our girls in before we went to sleep. When I went into our twins’ room, Sydney was nowhere to be found. My heart instantly starting pounding hard and fast as I did not see her on the floor nor in her sister’s bed. She had to be okay, I thought. I put her to bed and no one has been in the house.

As my wife came up the stairs, I yelled to her, “Sydney’s missing!” Thinking I was joking, she responded with, “Yeah right. Don’t joke like that.” I quickly said I was not joking and that I couldn’t find her. She also checked the bed and discovered that I was indeed telling the truth. A scan of the bedroom revealed nothing. We then burst into my oldest daughter’s room, in which my mother was also staying for the week. Sydney was not there either. I checked the bathroom and the tub. Still no Sydney. My wife checked our bedroom with no luck. At this point, we were both panicking yet still knowing that she had to be here. But, the fact that we could not find her and that she wasn’t responding to our calls had us deeply worried. Frantically searching, my wife eventually yelled that she had found her! Breathing a sigh of relief, I went in to Sydney’s room and there she was, sleeping soundly on the floor completely under her toddler bed, with her legs crossed over her ankles. I pulled her out, gave her a huge hug and put her back in bed, whispering to her to stay in there for the rest of the night. She had no idea we were looking for her as she was sleeping peacefully throughout our heart-pounding ordeal.

The next morning, while I am at work, my wife texts me after she found Sydney on the floor under her bed again in the early morning. Sydney said that she likes the colors under the bed. Interestingly, it is just a brown frame with no other colors; but, she must see something. She had no memory of going under there at night. She only remembered the morning episode. I am just thankful that she was okay and safe. When she does something silly of different, she will sometimes tell us, “that’s just what Sydneys do.” While she did not put this in that category, I will do it for her. And, maybe one day I will crawl under there with her and try to see what she sees from her perspective.

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