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The Joy of My Children

It probably makes the most sense to have my first post in this category have something do to with the things that are most important to me, my family.  I am blessed to have a loving wife and 3 very special and fun little girls who keep me busy.  My wife and I were talking to our oldest daughter today and we both said we have never been so tired and gotten up on weekend so early as we have since having our children.  But, we would never change it for the world.

Each day I am reminded about the joy of living by simply watching my girls play with each other. The oldest, who’s only 2.5 years older, loves being the oldest sister and taking care of her twin younger sisters.  It brings so much joy to see how much they look up to her and how much she loves to be with them.  Recently, one of one of twins was trying to put her shoe on and asked her older sister to help.  It was just adorable to hear them talking like this and needing/being there for each other.   It’s great to watch them sing and dance together through the house.

My oldest just started taking gymnastics class and it has made a world of difference to her!  I am so proud to watch her work on the trampoline, the bar, and other stations.  She loves it and asks every day if it is a gymnastics day.  It is so good to see that she has found something she truly enjoys and that we were able to see that interest in her.  Her little sisters probably would want to be out on the mats with her if they could.  For now though, they are her cheerleaders.

I know one day they will stress me out when they reach their teenage years.  But, for now…I am truly blessed to have such beautiful children and look forward to being a part of more memories that bring a smile to my face.


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