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Where Did My Blog Go?

It’s the end of July. That’s right. August is just around the corner. Where did the time go? My last post was in mid-March, and I was energized to put more thoughts up on my blog. But, what happened? I had ideas. lot’s of them. I had time, or at least I thought I did. And now, it’s almost 5 months since my last post. How could that be? I am sitting here and asking myself that very question as I type.

I know I had the time, or at least it seemed that I did. Sure I would work at home and there were nights I wanted to relax. Some nights I would only finish using the elliptical machine around 9 p.m. and the last thing I wanted to do was type. So, time passed, and passed. I admit, there were a few times that I though, I really need to put something up…but then summer came. My wife is a teacher so we needed to readjust to her summer schedule and my girls added softball and soccer to the weekly schedule. Then came conferences and vacation. Soon, it simply seemed unreasonable to write a post. At least, that’s what I told myself even though I knew it was wrong.

I had the time, just as I do tonight, sitting here at 8:40 p.m. watching a re-run of CSI: Miami. I just needed to do it. So, here I am, working to get back in the groove. I need and want to begin sharing my thoughts again, recommitting to myself and my field. I created my blog to give back and start a dialogue. I can not do that by taking 5 months off. So, I begin again, putting some personal and professional thoughts out there over the coming days and weeks. If I do it enough, it will become a habit, just as using the dusty old elliptical machine  in our basement about 5 days per week became a habit for me for the past 9 months. It just takes a few in a row to get going. This is the first one.

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